Be The Master of The Reciprocating Saw! Reciprocating Saw Blades

Be The Master of The Reciprocating Saw!

18/05/2018 Post By: George H

The reciprocating or sabre saw is an extremely powerful tool which in the wrong hands can obviously be lethal, as such, you the operator needs to be the ‘Master of the Recip Saw’.

This is how….

  1. Ensure you only use the highest quality bi-metal blades when bending the blades to cut flush against materials.
  2. There is nothing subtle and quite a lot brutal about the reciprocating saw, and the violent vibrations can cause damage on delicate jobs, therefore, cover the shoe of the saw with foam pipe insulation and reduce any unintentional damage.
  3. With the ferocity of the reciprocating cutting action, make sure you keep the blade lubricated to extend its life and performance.
  4. Keep the shoe pushed up against the material to work safer and make your blade last longer.
  5. If your blade dull’s don’t automatically throw it away, dull blades often work better when cutting plastic piping than fresh, sharp blades.
  6. Stay safe, no one can be a master if they don’t operate the reciprocating saw safely. If in doubt, turn it off.

What other ways have you mastered the reciprocating saw?

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