How To Straighten A Bent Reciprocating Saw Blade Reciprocating Saw Blades

How To Straighten A Bent Reciprocating Saw Blade

21/05/2018 Post By: George H

It’s normal for a reciprocating saw blade to bend, and it will happen to everybody eventually. When it does happen, don’t worry; it can usually be fixed very easily and quickly. The tools you need to repair a bent reciprocating saw is literally just a hammer, the blade and a block of wood/workbench etc.

Step 1 – Lay down the bent blade with the apex facing upwards. This is the part that arches, and it will be pointing towards you.

Step 2 – Slowly, and lightly hit the bend of the blade using the hammer.

Step 3 – The curve will indent and start forming its original shape again. Aim to flatten the whole blade so it looks identical to when you got it. It might never be 100% straight, but you’ll get it to a working shape.

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