How Do I Choose My Next DIY Project? Reciprocating Saw Blades

How Do I Choose My Next DIY Project?

18/05/2018 Post By: George H

Summer is the best time of the year to get a project done. The weather’s nice, you’re relaxed and motivated to get some projects done. The only problem is knowing what projects need doing, and in what order.

We say that you should priorities your project in relation to the need, the desire and the value (economically) of the project. You should work around projects in the order of it’s need, desire and value. If something needs doing, then it should be prioritised over something you want doing. If you want something doing, then it’s more important than doing something to add value to your home.

Need – Projects should be prioritised if they need doing. If something needs doing, such as fixing a leak then this should always be your top priority over something else.

Desire – These are the projects that you want doing. This will often be converting a room that you don’t like the look of or just building something for the sake of it.

Value – These are projects that you can do to add value to your home, such as remodelling or sorting out the garden to increase the value. These are only really important if you DIY only for profit, but if you’re doing it for fun then you know you can get a bit of pocket change out of it.

If there are several projects in the same category, such as you have two or more projects that need doing then you’ll need to work out your priorities. You could have a leak, and your heating could also not be working (not really DIY examples). You need to prioritise which you complete first. Would you rather have a constant leak, or no heating until the leak is fixed? There are lots of considerations on how to prioritise needed projects, such as time, money, how much it’s needed and whether you already have the tools needed to finish the job.

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