Bosch S2041HM Sabre Saw Blade Reciprocating Saw Blades

Bosch S2041HM Sabre Saw Blade

21/05/2018 Post By: George H

The Bosch S2041HM blade is the ideal blade when it comes to ripping through thick heavy duty materials. With this incredibly long 400mm blade, you’ll be able to cut through 350mm of fibre cement, porous concrete and brick. You’ll also be able to cut through fibreglass and epoxy up to 150mm in thickness. What makes this blade so good for cutting heavy-duty materials is the TPI of just 2. There’s a 12.7mm gap between each tooth. Although this will result in a rough cut, you’ll be cutting incredibly fast through heavy duty materials.

The blade is manufactured out of carbide so you can be sure that the blade will last a very long time and hopefully serve you well when tearing through heavy duty materials. Not only does this blade offer an exceptionally long life, but you get two blades with this purchase. So, if you do ever use up the first blade, you’ll have another at the ready. The thickness of this blade is 1.5mm which is incredibly thick for a sabre saw blade. The fact that it’s so thick immediately decreases the chance of the blade bending or snapping.

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