Bosch S1243TC Sabre Saw Blade Reciprocating Saw Blades

Bosch S1243TC Sabre Saw Blade

21/05/2018 Post By: George H

When it comes to cutting heavy materials such as brick, you’ll have no trouble finding a blade if you’re using a sabre saw. In fact, you have so much choice that you might even struggle. We’ve picked out a heavy-duty blade designed for cutting brick that competes with the best. Everything about this blade screams destruction, but with this blade, you’ll be cutting up to 215mm into medium sized bricks at very high speeds.

With this blade, you’ll receive one blade with a total length of 305mm and a thickness of 1.5mm allowing you to cut straight and fast. The teeth of this blade are tungsten carbide tipped for an increased life, and these add to the speed of the cut. The low TPI of this blade (2 TPI) helps to increase the speed of cut but sets it back in the smoothness of the cut. Although the total length of the blade is 305mm, you’ll be able to cut through up to 215mm of brick with this blade.

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