Bosch S1111DF Sabre Saw Blade for Wood and Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades

Bosch S1111DF Sabre Saw Blade for Wood and Metal

21/05/2018 Post By: George H

The Bosch S1111DF Sabre saw blade is a 5 pack of sabre saw blades designed for cutting through wood with metal, for example a wood plank with nails in it. There’s no neatness with this blade as it will just destroy any wood/metal in its path. It’s ideal for removing nails that you can’t get out using a screwdriver. Not only will you be able to cut through screws, but you’ll rip through all kinds of wood. It won’t be clean, but it will ease through. These blades will make fast, rough cuts in woods up to 175mm thick. You’ll also be able to cut through fibreglass/epoxy up to 50mm in thickness, and 175mm into plastic profiles. One bonus of using these blades is that they don’t produce a lot of dust, so you’re perfectly fine using these blades indoors and outdoors. The blade has a thickness of 1.25mm, which means there’s a very low chance of the blade bending when you’re using it.


The total length of the blade is 225mm, and you will be able to cut up to 175mm with the blade. Not a lot of length is wasted with this blade, and there are not many blades where you'll be able to cut this deep into wood with metal.

The thickness of this blade is 1.25mm, which is thick for a sabre saw blade. The likelihood of the blade bending is minimal, but you’ll still be able to bend the blade for specific purposes. The benefit is that the blade won’t stay bent when doing this due to the thickness.

The teeth are laid out in a side set milled formation, which means you won’t be getting a clean cut with this blade, although that’s not the purpose. The purpose of this blade is for making fast and rough cuts in wood and metal, so the roughness shouldn’t be a problem.

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