Sabre Saw Blades For Ice Reciprocating Saw Blades

Sabre Saw Blades For Ice

21/05/2018 Post By: George H

Sabre saws are unique tools, which is probably why they are able to cut a massive range of materials from wood to metal…all the way to ice. When you think about it, you can attach a blade for literally anything to a jigsaw tool as long as it has the right fitting. Bosch has a blade in their range that’s designed specifically for cutting ice and frozen materials.

Bosch S1211K

With the Bosch S1211K, you’ll be able to cut ice up to a thickness of 250mm as the blade has a total length of 300mm. The blade is also very thick so you’ll have no trouble with the durability of the blade as it has 1.25mm thickness. When cutting ice, the finish isn’t necessarily that important as ice can easily be shaped. The spacing between each tooth on this blade is 8.5mm which is quite a long distance for the teeth on a sabre saw. The blade is manufactured out of Stainless Steel and comes in a pack quantity of 5. The blade uses a universal shank so you’ll be able to use this in most modern sabre saw tools. The blade can be used in almost any saw that fits a universal shank, however, it’s not suitable to be used with a 10.8v sabre saw.

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